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Changing lives and minds was the calling for S.C. before it even began.

Lincoln, Neb. Oct. 11, 2016 – It’s a good idea to let an organization develop before getting your hands dirty. But Service Continuum was moving mountains before it was out the door, and before anyone knew about it. Service Continuum is a faith based non-profit founded in August of 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska. It aims to provide assistance to those in need by gathering people from various professions, hobbies, and passions. These volunteers offer their time and expertise in providing a service that would otherwise be unattainable to the party in distress.

“We provided a man paralyzed from the waist down with a donated car on the day we signed to be an official non-profit,” says CEO and founder Darren Murray. Between that and a quick drywall job for a grandmother and her foster grandchild, Service Continuum came along side two single moms; each with their own challenging circumstances. “We helped them with food, washing clothes, and we provided donated furniture.” Murray continues. “We even helped one find a buyer for her house that was all but destroyed. We’re part of an effort to help her to a better living situation so that she can keep her daughter.”

With Service Continuum finally armed with a website, a GoFundMe campaign and a blog, these acts of service are just the beginning. Service Continuum hopes to have a long story of caring for people, and encouraging people to love and act for the greater good.


Service Continuum: Service Continuum is a non-profit dedicated to helping people in need. Inside of three months, S.C. has already served close to ten people in a major way. The words to live by are in this statement: We believe we are the hands and feet of Christ.